Almost A Year

It’s been almost a year since I’ve lost my older sister to breast cancer. She was hoping to get to Stage V, the cure. I have put up a memorial site to remember her, and share her memories. She didn’t want to be remembered for her end life battle, but the work that she did for helping to protect women in impoverished nations. It’s unfortunate that our relationship was close to null when she had passed. There’s a lot about her that I didn’t know. She didn’t keep in close contact with the family, aside from our younger sister Chris, whom she was very close with.  Here are a few photos from her Life Celebration gathering.

Since losing her, my sister and I have also been dealing with the continual mental decline of our mother. She has moderate dementia. Between these two life events, I haven’t focused much on building up my photography portfolio, this site, or branding a business as I had set out to do a couple of years ago.  I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, and have just started to look for active gigs to start building a portfolio on.  I also would like to do a long term editorial type project in helping the families of Breast Cancer patients remember their loved ones with my photography.

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