Creative Inspirations This image was created using GIMP, a photo of my late cat Shredder, and an image of a civil peace time flag.  For more information on the flag visit this link  My personal take on the flag, is that it’s a fabrication of patriot mythology, with some threads of truth of historical […]

Slowly We Turn

Lot’s of trial and error, and minute touches with this wordpress site, but I think that I’m finding a decent way to display, and put my work out for sale.  Mind you I’m not paying for any commercial licensees to use third party plugins, which would probably yield better results.  I don’t see the point […]

15UGYMnDNLZWtZ5LnmKvi1oNTt34sALNZe If you see a photo that you like, but would like to purchase with bitcoin, please use the following contact form to indicate which photo you would like, and state available preferences, such as size, paper, etc.  I will return a confirmation email, with the total price, and bitcoin address.  Upon payment the order […]