Another Before, and After Excercise

Before and After Watercolor effect

This was a recent image taken of Kristin Conway (@_itskristinc on Instagram), at The Creative Collab meetup at Colt State Park, Bristol RI.  Though I got some great bokeh in the original shot, I wasn’t quite satisfied, and needed to do a double exposure with another image I had on the SD card.  Then I took the image into GIMP, and applied a layer mask, to create the paintbrush look.


So I just turned the blog back on.  Still need to figure out, how I would like to have this site organized.  Will it be just a blog about my photography?  Will it be to showcase a specialized type of photography.  We’ll see.  I really need to make a concerted effort to keeping it up to date.  Can I go thirty days strong, and form a new habit?  Follow along, and lets see.