St. Paddy’s Day Parade, Boston 2018

Here are some of my shots from enjoying a day in Boston, to see their St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I took the MBTA in. It was interesting to see a lot of young folks gathering to take the train. For many, it seemed like their first trip, trying to navigate how it worked. It was very crowded, and difficult to find the right compositions for what could be good shots. Not many brawls but there were a few at the end of the day. Overall it was fun. I’ll be adding more to this gallery as I go through and make some light tweaks to the images. Oddly enough, there was no one in kilts, at least not that I saw. Boston needs to learn to do Irish better I guess.

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I’ve been sick from something I ate.  Once I managed to crawl out of bed, and found that I could keep things down in my stomach, I took some selfies.  This was my favorite.  I used my D7200, with a Sigma 18-50mm lens, at 35mm, at f4, shutter speed at 125, and ISO 100.  I had my Godox AD200 back lighting me as a rim light, and a softbox to camera right.  Black backdrop, and the addition of some fog.  I also edited the image, first in Raw Therapee, then finishing in GIMP.


Will T.

Here are some of the shots of my most recent photoshoot with my friend Will.  There’s a few more shots that I still need to do some light editing to.  I also have some shots of my friend Joa.  That’ll be a different post.  These portraits gave me the opportunity to do some practice with my Godox flashes.  I was using my AD200, and my V860 II, with the X1T commander.  A softbox, and some gels.  I did have some technical trouble getting them to fire, but I think it was user error, just not being familiar enough with the controls.  I’ll need to put a small cheat sheet together for the functions of the X1T.   There was some good experimentation done.  I used open source software Raw Therapee, and GIMP 2.9 to do the editing for these photos. I have more photoshoots coming up in the works, with different models that I’m really looking forward to.

Almost A Year

It’s been almost a year since I’ve lost my older sister to breast cancer. She was hoping to get to Stage V, the cure. I have put up a memorial site to remember her, and share her memories. She didn’t want to be remembered for her end life battle, but the work that she did for helping to protect women in impoverished nations. It’s unfortunate that our relationship was close to null when she had passed. There’s a lot about her that I didn’t know. She didn’t keep in close contact with the family, aside from our younger sister Chris, whom she was very close with.  Here are a few photos from her Life Celebration gathering.

Since losing her, my sister and I have also been dealing with the continual mental decline of our mother. She has moderate dementia. Between these two life events, I haven’t focused much on building up my photography portfolio, this site, or branding a business as I had set out to do a couple of years ago.  I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, and have just started to look for active gigs to start building a portfolio on.  I also would like to do a long term editorial type project in helping the families of Breast Cancer patients remember their loved ones with my photography.

Carnival in Pawtucket RI

Here’s some shots from the carnival that rolled into Pawtucket RI this weekend. I spent about an hour there as the sun was setting. Had a fun time, and managed to keep myself away from the fried dough.


Here are a few images that I took at TF Green Airport.  I spent a few hours here.  When I arrived, I just missed a shot at some kind of military cargo plane.  Then they must of switched up runways, because there was a good amount of time from where I was that no plane flew overhear.  It’s amazing how quick these planes come in.  There were some challenges, presented here, and it’s definitely something that I will go back to try again.

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On Copyright

Here’s an interesting talk by Nina Paley, on copyright.  Here’s the side of the story, that you do not often hear on copyright, and it’s downsides.  What are some alternatives to copyright?  Is copyright needed?  How does it affect the artist?