I’ve been sick from something I ate.  Once I managed to crawl out of bed, and found that I could keep things down in my stomach, I took some selfies.  This was my favorite.  I used my D7200, with a Sigma 18-50mm lens, at 35mm, at f4, shutter speed at 125, and ISO 100.  I […]

Almost A Year

It’s been almost a year since I’ve lost my older sister to breast cancer. She was hoping to get to Stage V, the cure. I have put up a memorial site to remember her, and share her memories. She didn’t want to be remembered for her end life battle, but the work that she […]

Planes Here are a few images that I took at TF Green Airport.  I spent a few hours here.  When I arrived, I just missed a shot at some kind of military cargo plane.  Then they must of switched up runways, because there was a good amount of time from where I was that no […]

On Copyright

Here’s an interesting talk by Nina Paley, on copyright.  Here’s the side of the story, that you do not often hear on copyright, and it’s downsides.  What are some alternatives to copyright?  Is copyright needed?  How does it affect the artist?

Creative Inspirations This image was created using GIMP, a photo of my late cat Shredder, and an image of a civil peace time flag.  For more information on the flag visit this link  My personal take on the flag, is that it’s a fabrication of patriot mythology, with some threads of truth of historical […]