Hi, thanks for visiting.  I’m Sam, a New England based photographer.  I’ve been taking photos for years, but have recently decided to make a business of it.  I look forward to establishing the presence in the industry.    The work that I enjoy the most specializes in creative portraits, cinematic headshots.  I also love shooting engagements, and weddings. senior portraits, and on occasion, commercial event photography.  To boot, I also like exploring many other facets of photography, such as Street, Cityscapes, Landscapes, Macro… well, there’s so many styles, and genres, it’s all exciting to experiment with.  Just sticking to one thing for me is a quick way to get into a rut.  For me, photography is an art, telling a story through mastering light, composition, and content, and freezing all of those elements into a surreal memory.  My working style is to be unobtrusive.  The shoot is about the subject.  I try to shoot in a candid, photojournalism matter, with very little impact on what is going on around me.